Businesses prefer Professional Funding brokers for their business equipment finance needs

Why do small to medium sized businesses in Australia prefer working with us?

Because when you work with a Professional Funding broker, you’re putting your trust in people who understand you.

Professional Funding brokers work for you, not the big banks or lenders. They’re all specialist commercial lending and equipment finance brokers. And just like you, this is what they do every day.

They know the best way to find the perfect equipment finance for you is to listen, to determine exactly what you need. No cookie-cutter stuff here.

Just good old fashioned, fair dinkum business experience.

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Professional Funding do business equipment financing differently

We do things a little bit differently.

Connections to your local community still mean something and we know that relationships have always been built on trust, integrity and honesty.

Professional Funding brokers might have access to all the modern technology, apps and programs. (Meaning faster processing and loan approval times for you). But the values we were raised with still hold true.

We can access a range of lenders most other brokers can’t. What this means for you is the expert advice and down to earth service you’ve come to expect together with a great choice of loans that allow us to match your unique needs.

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How we can help

Running a business has its challenges and financing the plant and equipment crucial to your business can be tricky. Especially when you need that equipment to stay operational but you don’t have access to a finance broker you know and trust.

With our commercial lending and business equipment finance specialists located throughout Australia, we help businesses, just like yours, secure funding every day of the week. Sometimes, even on the weekend, if that’s when you have the time to sit down with your Professional Funding broker.

We can help you with…

Truck and trailer finance

Truck and trailer finance

Whether you’ve got a 1 tonne delivery van, a fleet of 5 tonne delivery vans or a yard full of b-doubles, you need to keep them all moving and on the road.

As we all learned during the pandemic, it’s not just your business that needs your trucks on the road and ready to go. New or used, we’ll roam the highways until we find your finance.

Excavator and earthmoving finance

If it’s big and yellow and you have to climb up to get into the cab, we can source your finance. While dozers, graders and earthmovers usually have at least 7,000 to 10,000 good hours in them, they don’t last forever. So let us do the digging and sort you out with some shiny new, big yellow toys to keep your business on the level.

Excavator and earthmoving finance
Mining equipment finance

Mining equipment finance

There’s no fancy showrooms or display areas for these monster machines, so sourcing the machines and finding the financing for mining equipment can be tricky and complicated.

That’s why you need experts who know exactly what they’re doing and aren’t scared by the work it takes to drill down for this type of finance. 

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Our commercial lending and business equipment finance specialists are located throughout Australia. And if we don’t have a location near you, we can meet virtually too.

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