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No business owner wants to spend valuable time searching for the best equipment finance options in Australia. There’s work to be done, mouths to feed and employees to be paid.

But when you need finance to keep things going, or even an unsecured business loan to help ease a cash flow issue, you want to know you’re dealing with people you know and trust.

People like the team at Professional Funding, who are Australia’s premier specialist commercial lending and equipment finance brokers.

Australian equipment finance brokers and how they can help your business

Take a look at some of the things the Professional Funding team can help you fund. We can help find you finance for:

Trucks and trailers

Whether you’ve got a 1 tonne delivery van, a fleet of 5 tonne delivery vans or a yard full of b-doubles, you need to keep them all moving and on the road.

As we all learned during the pandemic, it’s not just your business that needs your trucks on the road and ready to go. New or used, we’ll roam the highways until we find your finance.

Excavator and earthmoving equipment

If it’s big and yellow and you have to climb up to get into the cab, we can source your finance. While dozers, graders and earthmovers

usually have at least 7,000 to 10,000 good hours in them, they don’t last forever. So let us do the digging and sort you out with some shiny new, big yellow toys to keep your business on the level.

Mining equipment

There’s no fancy showrooms or display areas for these monster machines, so sourcing the machines and finding the financing for mining equipment can be tricky and complicated.

That’s why you need experts who know exactly what they’re doing and aren’t scared by the work it takes to drill down for this type of finance. 

Mobile and tower cranes

We’re always happy to take a swing at sourcing the best mobile crane and tower crane finance. No matter how high we have to climb, how tricky the job may seem or how much heavy lifting will be involved, the Professional Funding team is ready to put on our safety hats and vests, and climb into the cab to take control.


Private plane, helicopter, Superman or an agricultural aircraft, we can get you the finance you need.

(Okay so not really for Superman. But we’ll keep trying)

Bus (including fleets)

A private bus or a fleet of buses, we can help find the finance to help keep your wheels going round and round. Whatever your bus is used for, it’s likely to be an important part of your local community and helping people get to where they need to be.

Manufacturing machinery

You might need finance to buy a new coffee machine for the lunch room. Some computers for the office. Or the fittings and fixtures for an entire new warehouse.

If your business needs it to keep operating and functional, it’s important. And if it’s important to you, it’s important to the Professional Finding team.

Unsecured business loan

One of the biggest challenges a business may face is managing the peaks and troughs of their cash flow. While your income may vary

month to month, your expenses for staff and operational costs don’t go away.

Sometimes the smart move is to access funding, to help smooth out these fluctuations. This is when an unsecured business loan can help.

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